We are media
made in Egypt

Digital Media

01. Digital strategy

We pride ourselves on discerning your nuanced needs on a case-by-case basis to deliver strategies that maximize your campaign’s ROI. With a detailed understanding and outline to reach your strategic goals.

02. Creative content/implementation

We fuse original thinking and creativity to develop unique, bold and commercially viable ideas. In an increasingly competitive advertising landscape, we ensure our brand is receiving the attention it deserves. To stand out and pave the way for growth.

03. Media

Strong supplier relationships and excellent buying power enables unto secure optimal pricing and positioning for your campaigns across all offline channels. Content & platform selection are at the heart of ensuring your story reaches the right audience, at the right time.

04. Website/app development

Increasing personalization for all STT clients with website & app development that ensures easy access, brand awareness, easy and accessible solutions. Creating a unique and creative space to increase brand value.

Traditional Media

01. TV

STT gives you the ability to target your audience with benefits of brand awareness and response which will result in increased brand loyalty and most importantly, sales. It does not only drive brand awareness, but also, it can drive market share.

02. Radio

Maximizing brand scale with tailored & targeted messages making it ideal to promote clients with high exposure to their target audience.

03. OOH

STT goes beyond marketing with OHH service. Driving awareness to a mass audience that is easily accessible. Increasing reach and frequency is what every client needs.